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Without vision, people perish

We understand the importance of planning to achieve long-term and overall goals.  To plan is to draw from the past to help you decide in the present what you should do in the future.  Plans can be adapted should the circumstances change.

Business strategy, brand strategy, and marketing strategy not only directs identity,
they often inspire it.

When it comes to ensuring your business’ success, a thorough and creative strategy is crucial! Not only will a well-planned strategy increase public awareness of your services


and products, leading to more sales leads, it will also give your company a competitive advantage over your competitors.
We discuss, brainstorm and decide on aspects like your vision, mission, goals, business models, key success factors, relative market positioning, client relationships, etc.
We assist you to discover what the unique business value is that you want to convey to your customers.

What makes your Brand unique? How is your business perceived by the target market?  We assist you to define and communicate a brand message that will influence how you and your firm are


We assist you to achieve Brand Differentiation. We understand that if properly designed, your brand should promise relevant differentiated benefits to your target market. Carefully choosing the most powerful benefits will not only result in brand preference, but brand insistence.
No matter how small an organisation is, your corporate identity or brand influences the opinion and perception of clients and potential clients.
A great logo embodies the spirit of the strategic brand promise. Good graphic identities, like good strategies, stand the test of time. Organisations that understand the value of building brand equity, starting with a logo, recognise their graphic identity as a strategic choice and an important investment.

With the extensive volume of marketing platforms now available, it is becoming increasingly challenging for any business owner to creatively, effectively and successfully think outside the box.


What our strategic planning services therefore entail, is working with you to determine your company’s main value and message, to establish what differentiates you from your competitors, and to think of ways in which your brand can be represented to potential clients in a creative and, of course, effective, manner.


Being creative is seeing the same thing as everybody else but thinking of something different

Concept development is one of the steps in new product development. Whether our client wants to introduce a new product into the market, re-position it, or just need creative ideas on how to better promote it to the market, we are able to assist with the process.

We consider the existing and potential target market and the information cues to the consumers to either launch a new product, re-position it or sell it more effectively. Through creative design, effective communication and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking we get it done. We partner with experts in the industry to deliver on our promise!


Examples of concepts that need development:

  • Moving away from plastic jars to glass containers – we assist you in finding the correct containers, labels, corrugated boxes, as well as styling, photographing and communication with the public.

  • Changing the shop inside and outside, client needs inspiration on décor, logos, colour schemes, and fabric as well as takes away cups and bags. We assist in strategically combining the existing brand and logo with new and fresh designs, colours, fonts, patterns, etc. as well as sourcing fabric, paper, etc. to complete the project with satisfaction.

  • Introducing a new product but are unsure if the existing brand represents the products well – we assist in brand strategy, marketing strategy and communication through social media, printed media, etc. including point of sale displays, brochures, flyers, etc.


In our creative design lies your next branding solution

When taking on a new project, every graphic designer aims to create a product that will make their client undeniably recognisable. As visual communicators, we at Stratica vow to go the extra mile for each client to ensure that we deliver a creative design that is inspiring, informative and captivating. By combining text and pictures in such a way that the result is attractive and engaging, clients can expect an exciting design from us, time and again.

This includes the design and creation of a logo that portrays the essence and ethos of your company or brand, as well as the creation of business cards, letterheads, email signatures, corporate and portfolio folders, as well as banners and office signage, to ensure that your corporate identity is unmistakable.
To further entrench your corporate identity, we also provide design services with relevance to advertising and marketing within the corporate environment. This includes the creation of newsletters, media advertisements, brochures, flyers, e-mailers, social media, posters, banners, and even personalised promotional gifts.
To further enhance and activate your brand, you may need to host events, such as fundraisers, corporate functions etc. For such events, we offer to create invitations (both in digital and print format), menus, programmes, name cards, and almost anything that you can think of to extend your branding and identity.
For clients in industries where packaging is required, we also offer creative design services for product packaging. This includes food packaging; drink packaging, as well as the packaging of cosmetic products.
Since our team is so dynamic, and talented we might add, we also offer illustration services in the event that it is required by one of our clients.


Brand Activation is the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences

Once your brand has been conceptualised, brand activation is needed to create awareness of your service or products within your target market. As part of our extensive marketing, branding and design services, Stratica offers to assist clients in the activation of their brand strategy.

When making use of our innovation and expertise to assist with your company’s brand activation, clients can expect creative ideas on how to implement their brand strategy to engage directly with their target markets. By correctly identifying your company’s target market, learning about and understanding their needs, you can execute an effective marketing strategy through various campaigns.


How can we help?

We want to help our clients gain as much awareness as possible for their brand, by increasing engagement and encouraging some kind of brand experience, where the public gets to know your product or service on a personal level. This is immensely important, especially if you have just started a new business and no one knows who you are or what you offer.

We work in close connection with our clients – we facilitate your market research and plan the marketing tools and tactics that will work best for your company’s specific needs.

Depending on your type of service or product, there are two main types of activation strategies that can be implemented:

  1. Brand activation that focuses on developing a long-term relationship with consumers by establishing an emotional connection between your brand and its target market. This is often referred to as brand engagement, as it encourages a two-way conversation about your brand – between you and potential clients.

  2. Activation that aims to cause immediate effect focuses on immediate sales transactions between the business and the consumer.

With more marketing channels available than ever before, including social media platforms, you need to do something special to be differentiated. If you succeed in evoking an emotional reaction, be it laughter, anger, or sadness, you have succeeded in reaching your clients.

To make sure that your company has a comprehensive brand strategy in place, be sure to get in touch with us and let us assist you in creating and activating unique marketing tactics for your business or brand.

we are creative

we are strategic

we are passionate about business

and that is how we help your business to be UNIQUELY BETTER